As an artist and textile designer and working with watercolour as a medium I have initiated a series of artworks to be made using the theme of a blue square. This will be a series of paintings and a fabric based piece. The Tuareg are often referred to as the ‘blue men’ known for the wearing of indigo cloth of various shades therefore I will use the blue square theme using squares of blue fabric.

All monies raised from the sponsorship of the squares will go to the project. The finished works will be exhibited and sold and all funds raised will also go to the project.

  blue squares

Sponsor a blue watercolour square
approx 1cm x 1cm : £1 for one square. Artworks will be approx 25cm x 25cm

Sponsor a fabric square
approximately 5cm x 5cm : £5 for one square
Target based on a quantities estimate £10,000
All finished works to be sold and funds raised will go to the project
Any number of squares can be sponsored