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I would like to thank everyone who gave there time to talk to me at The Festival of Quilts about the project. To those who sponsored some squares and also to those that have generously donated indigo fabric for the stitched pieces.

Many thanks goes especially to Andrew Salmon the organiser of The Festival of Quilts for the giving me the opportunity of bringing the project to the attention of the public.

I can now report that 7 fabric pieces have been sponsored of 100 squares each and 4 watercolour pieces of 525 watercolour squares each.3 watercolour pieces are now finished and the stitched fabric pieces are in progress.

I am still sourcing fragments of indigo for the stitched pieces. If you have some indigo fabric or you are an artist working with indigo and would like to donate some pieces to the project then please bring them to the quilt festival or contact me by email with your details.

Pieces can be light/heavy weight cloth/rug/from clothing plain patterned old/worn/new and pristine. Where possible information of source India/Africa/Japan etc as this will form part of the documentation for the stitched pieces. Only small fragments are needed so if you are prepared to part with some please get in touch.


As I hope to raise the £10,000 by December through the sponsorship of the squares and with just 3 months to go please email me if you would like to support this project.

Total funds raised to date £6,227