The Challenge

Water is a crucial commodity for the existence of all life, and no more so than for people living in desert conditions; vast landscapes with little rain and extreme heat.

In 2004, I visited Mali in West Africa. Drawn by the rich diverse culture and my continuing research of African textiles and use of materials. I returned in September 2005 to spend time in the Sahara north of Timbuktu. The days were spent crossing the Sahel by camel looking for trees to shelter from the extreme midday heat 40-50ºC, collecting wood for the fire and more importantly replenishing water from the village wells. On one such day we came to one village to discover their well had run dry. This village is home to approximately 220 Tuareg and Arabic families 45km north of Timbuktu.

On my return to England I have decided to take on the challenge of raising money to fund the construction of a new 75m deep well.




man on camel
blue men